We utilize the potential of sensor technology and continuous temperature measurement for use in the home, medical and work environments.


femSense Ovulation Detection is the temperature method for the 21st century. It is an innovative and worldwide unique method to identify a woman’s most fertile days. Continuous temperature measurement allows femSense to not only predict but to measure and confirm ovulation. The system is based on the SteadySense temperature sensor, embedded in an adhesive patch, and the supporting smartphone app.

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SteadyTemp is a smart thermometer and an early indication tool used to identify possible infections. Continuous temperature measurement creates temperature curves, where fever trends can be identified. We provide not only the sensor patches but also the apps for our systems and all interfaces to the central database.

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We think ahead!

Not only do we continually test and update our existing products, we also trial new products which are still in the earlier stages of development. We are currently looking for volunteers to participate in a trial for an innovative new birth control system.

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